Fit4You with Tommy Mulhern

Nursery PE

Our aim during Nursery PE sessions is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment where children can take part in fun physical activities while enhancing their mobility, spatial awareness and basic motor skills.

Integrating physical activity into early years is essential for creating a foundation of movement and activity that children will carry with them throughout their lives. Physically active children learn healthy habits during their early years that can greatly increase their chances of remaining active throughout their teenage years and into adulthood.


The benefits of Physical Education for nursery children are widely recognised. Young children who experience movement and physical activity during early childhood create healthy habits and develop a commitment to physical activity as they grow older.

Nursery PE develops:

To add to the above, an active child minimizes the risk of chronic health problems, becomes an outlet for releasing tension and anxiety and ca instil a stronger sense of self-worth in children.