Fit4You with Tommy Mulhern

Nutrition Workshops/Health and Fitness Days

Our Health & Fitness Days can incorporate both classroom-based workshops and practical physical activity based sessions.

 (Indoor and/or outdoor while adhering to Government guidelines regarding Covid-19)

Classroom Based Workshops:

Nutrition Workshops:

Sadly, there is a steady rise of children with obesity as well as children becoming sedentary due to, what we here at Fit4You believe is the easy access of smart devices and online video games and not forgetting the availability of fast food and sugary foods.

These workshops have been designed and adapted for all ages groups (Junior Infants – 6th Class). Lessons are interactive and engaging with an emphasis on team work and group discussions. Children will learn about how best to look after their body, how to make good food choices and become aware of the dangers of giving your body too much sugar. As well as discussing what we eat the lessons will emphasize the importance of physical activity every day and the benefits it has on our body.